Garden Clearance

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Spring and Autumn Garden Clearance

Without fail, every year presents us with loads of work such as cutting back dead perennials, pruning shrubs and removing leaves. We are professionals in cutting back all types of perennials and ornamental grasses as well as prune out properly shrubs. What’s more, we remove all the all the debris leaving you with a fresh and clean start to the season. Let us help you this year. We are based in Wimbledon, but work for clients across all of London.

Overgrown and Untidy Gardens

Allow Peter Michelle Gardening to transform your untidy and overgrown garden to a beautifully easy maintainable garden.

  • Cut down overgrown brush

Your garden should be an oasis for the family and a place to relax.  An overgrown backyard filled with weeds and brush deprives you of enjoying the space for picnics and play. In stead of colourful birds and butterflies you will have to contend with flies, mosquitoes, ticks and fleas.  Ridding your garden of unsightly overgrown brush rids you of these pests allowing you the enjoyment you deserve from a beautifully clean and neat garden.

  • Trim shrubs and small trees

Peter Michelle Gardening can help you keep your shrubs and small trees trimmed and in shape which will ensure maximum blooming and minimize overgrowth ensuring a well-kept property at all times.

  • Remove dead growth

It is most important to prune and remove dead to control growth, define shape and to create flowering/fruiting branches for the following season.

  • Remove all green waste

Peter Michelle Gardening will remove and appropriately dispose of all green waste.  Alternately, green waste can be bagged for you the customer to dispose of if you so wish.

End of Tenancy Garden Clearance

Hand back your property with pride.