Garden Maintenance

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Garden Maintenance & Upkeep

Peter Michelle Gardening can offer you a garden maintenance service tailored to your needs, either on a once off, weekly or monthly basis and to fall within your budget.

  • Cut back and shape hedges, Shape / prune shrubs

Whether you have formal hedges pruned into a specific shape or informal hedges Hedges grown for its natural beauty, they still need to be trimmed regularly not to grown out of control.  Knowing how and when to prune hedges is key to successful hedge growth.  Peter Michelle Gardening specialises in the trimming and shaping of hedges and can help you to keep your hedges in pristine condition and shape.

  • Dead head flowers

Deadheading dying blooms will promote a continuous show of colour throughout the season and will attract pollinators that will help the plant to form seeds for reproduction.

  • Prune roses and other plants

Pruning is essential to ensure a colourful show throughout the year.

  • Clear flowerbeds of weeds, Cultivate ground

Peter Michelle Gardening can perform this very important task for you by removing weeds, turn and loosen the soil for planting to promote nutrition and allow penetration of water and air to the plants.

  • Cut and fertilize lawn, Regular edging / strimming

Let Peter Michelle Gardening care for all your lawn requirements, i.e. mowing, fertilizing, edging and strimming to ensure a lovely looking garden throughout the season.