Mulching & Lawn Feeding

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Mulching your trees, shrubs and even many perennials offers benefits beyond that crisp clean look.  Mulching reduces growth of weeds.  It also cools the roots and helps retain moisture for plants within the bed and organic mulches, such as shredded hardwood mulch, add organic matter and nutrients to the soil for plants as they break down.

Weed control is the botanical component of pest control, using physical and chemical methods to stop weeds from reaching a mature stage of growth when they could be harmful to domesticated plants and livestock.  In order to reduce weed growth, many “weed control” strategies have been developed in order to contain the growth and spread of weeds.

Fertilizing will ensure your grass receiving all the elements to grow healthy, it needs fertilizing.  Regular fertilizing will give your lawn a healthy green colour and will help prevent disease and weed problems.  A well fed lawn will grow rapidly and lusciously and will prevent weeds from growing.

The fertilizers we use will give the grass the fight food at the right time and uses what is necessary and healthy for your lawn in order to provide a lush, green lawn all season.

We also treat pests in an environmentally safe manner using latest techniques with regard to the needs of your lawn and the safety of our community.